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This article is for beginner who is starter and making web development as career, so this article is best for them. Both PHP and ASP.Net are amazing for web development so it is hard to choice one. If you want to know which is best for you, you must know your requirement and needs before and then which web platform is nearest to your needs. So it all about your needs and which web technology is best to fulfill it. After understanding your needs, you must also have knowledge about web technologies. For further discussion we will focus on web technologies (PHP and ASP.Net).

PHP is scripting language that can be embedded in html which is very great because you can easily add functionality directly without creating new whole project and waste time on it thus it save a lot of time for programmers. The beauty of PHP is its simplicity and easy to use. For beginner, PHP is best because it is easy to learn. PHP is good for small to medium sized web solution and not good for enterprise level solution. PHP is consider as friendly language because of its ability to connect with database of MySQL, Oracle and other such databases. PHP is suitable for following things 
 1. Small Business Websites
 2. Startup
 3. Independent Software Vendors
 4. CRMS
 5. Billing Websites

PHP works on LAMP stack model which ( Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP ) is secure software bundle that makes PHP cross platform independent. One of the great advantage of using PHP is that it have unlimited number of web frameworks from eCommerce to Blogging and Custom development it support all of them. Some most popular framework of PHP are

 1. Laravel
 2. Symphony
 3. Falcon
 4. Zend

PHP language follows “Write once to use anywhere” principle that make PHP highly flexible. The top website that are developed in PHP are

 1. Facebook
 2. Wikipedia
 3. Yahoo
 4. Flickr
 5. Tumblr
 6. Friendster
 7. WordPress
 8. Istockphoto

Now let talk about ASP.Net, ASP.Net is not programming language. It is web framework that uses C# and VB.Net programming language. so we can’t compare directly ASP.Net with PHP that will be unfair. So we will compare C# with PHP. As you know C# is object oriented programming language while PHP is not object oriented programming, so ASP.Net get huge advantage over PHP here. To solve real time issues and life related problem, your program must follow object oriented programming approach, that simply means that ASP.Net is not more efficient than PHP but it is more effective than PHP due to its object oriented programming capability. One more good thing about ASP.Net is that it uses C# which can be used for Web application, desktop apps and also for Mobile App development while PHP is limited to Web application. ASP.Net has larger or powerful library (.Net) over PHP, so you can use multiple feature that will be not available in PHP but will be available in ASP.Net. For example, threading (parallel programming) that features is not available in PHP but available in ASP.Net. So programming point of view ASP.Net helps you lot but still it is learning curve as compared to PHP. ASP.Net is for professional programmer but if you are dedicated person than i will prefer ASP.Net to you. ASP.Net is suitable for following things

 1. Websites and Apps for Enterprise
 2. ERPs apps
 3. Intranet
 4. CRM for Enterprise

The strength and weakness of ASP.Net is security, it has good security as compared to PHP but it is also consider weakness for ASP.Net, due to high security developer faces many problem like cost, speed and performance (things not are simple or programmer friendly as PHP). For example ASP.Net can only be run on Microsoft Server, you have to pay for license fee so these some cons of ASP.Net. ASP.Net works on CLR and .Net Framework. So security wise, it is like apple comparison with android, in this case Apple is ASP.Net or PHP is Android (for your understanding only, not real time example). The top website that are developed in ASP.Net are

 1. StackOverflow
 2. GoDaddy
 3. MarketWatch
 4. Reddit


It is fun to program in PHP but for complex problems ASP.Net is best because of object oriented programming, larger library and High security. Both are amazing for web development, so ultimate choose is your.