unity vs unreal
unity vs unreal

In this post, we will talk about unity and unreal engine and i will tell you advantages and limitation of both engine and also I will tell you which gaming engine is best for you. Before game development you must know FPS, RPG, 3D physics engine, 2D physics engine, how user friendly is your gaming engine, prices and number of feature provided by game engine. Both gaming engine uses advanced technologies and uses for large scale game development. Choosing gaming engine depend upon which type of game you are making. Unity focuses on user friendly interfaces while unreal game engine focuses on cinematic scenes (high quality graphics without affecting your gaming performance and speed). Before going to comparison, you must know the basic things about gaming engine and game development. Some of basic things are

1. FPS (Frame per second):
fps stands for frame per second, it relates to visual smoothness and game quality directly depend upon fps count, fps determine level of detail, shadow, texture, Physics and animation in your game, greater the fps count greater will be performance and quality of game. In simple words it is total number of images on screen per second. Minimum 30 FPS is required for for small gaming.
2. 3D Physics Engine
Unity and unreal Engine provide you facility of Physics in your game that is gravity and collision etc, you don’t need to write extra code for physics. In 3D Physics Engine it contains 3 axes X , Y and Z. All physics applied on three axes.
3. 2D Physics Engine
It is similar to 3D Physics engine but it has two axes X and Y and all Physics applied on these 2 axes.
4. Profiler

Profiler is feature or tool provided by gaming engine. profiler is showing you how much your game is taking percent of time on rendering, animation and game logic and also you can analyze the performance of GPU, CPU and audio. In simple words profiler helps you to optimize your game.

5. Pricing

Feature of gaming engine is divided by prices, for example in unity there are 3 different version on base of pricing that is unity free version , unity plus version and unity pro version, every version provide different number of features, the free version provide you less or basic feature for gaming while pro and plus version provide you professional level feature for gaming. Pro and Plus version unity is not free, you have pay subscription fee while basic version of unity is free. Unreal engine is totally free, you get all feature for free no subscription fee but it will take 5% of royalty fee if your game make good money( gross product revenue after the first $3,000 per game per calendar quarter from commercial products ).  

Advantage of Unity over unreal

  1. Unity uses C# programming language which is easy to learn and used for game programming  while unreal uses C++ programming language that is difficult as compared to C#.
  2. Unity have both 3D and 2D physics engine for 2d or 3d game development while Unreal don’t  have 2d physics engine it have only 3d physics engine so its not good idea for creating 2d game in unreal.
  3. Unity have no royalty fee as like unreal engine
  4. Unity asset store is bigger than unreal asset store  

Advantage of Unreal over unity

  1. Unreal provide blueprints which means you can create your game with no coding, it is simply a drag and drop, that make game developer life easily. For beginner this feature is amazing.
  2. Unreal is absolutely free it provide all features to game developer for free but unity engine features divided into three categories on base of pricing. 
  3. Unreal is best for game optimization as compared to unity.
  4. Unreal is open source which make unreal engine more efficient for game developer
  5. Rendering technology is one of best advantage of unreal engine. Post processing is very fast as compared to unity which save lot of time for game developer.


Both gaming engine are amazing, if you don’t know anything about gaming development, you must try unreal engine first, it contain visual scripting which need no coding experience but if you are making 2D game as a beginner and visual scripting is not enough to solve problem, your solution is in programming then you must try unity because C# programming is easier than C++ programming but in last, ultimate decision is yours. If you want to make full time game career than i will recommend to learn both unity and unreal engine.